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To whom it may Concern,

This letter is to assure you of the quality and organic certification of Organic Farms organic fertilizing materials. Organic Farms has undergone a rigorous program to achieve Organic certification.

All of our standard fertilizers are listed by CDFA as certified organic.

Our fertilizers are 100% comprised

of CDFA listed ingredients.

These ingredients are Foster Farms Feather Meal, Foster Farms Dehy, and other industry leading organic ingredients as required.

Briefly, the processes and documentation are described on this page. 


The proprietary process for the manufacturing of the Dehy Manure/Organic Blended Fertilizer requires that the raw material blend be heated in steam to a temperature not less than 200°F. After heat treatment in the conditioner, the fertilizer is extruded through the mill in pellet form, and immediately bulk packaged in super sacks or loaded into enclosed bins. The temperature of the process is continuously monitored and recorded.



The system is continuously monitored by a Honeywell temperature recording chart. The system is also equipped with an audible and visual alarm mechanism. The audible and visual alarm is set to activate at temperatures at or below 195°F.


The Honeywell daily recording chart is the official temperature documentation for the process. 

Process records will be reviewed and signed daily by plant management. Functionality of the audible and visual alarm will be documented daily on the Honeywell recording chart by the conditioner operator.


The Honeywell recording chart will include the identification of the corresponding process date or lot number.


Organic certificates of our ingredients are located on the product label and certifications page of this website. You may click the link on this page for a copy of our new Organic Farms® Quality Assurance Program” of food safety, which outlines many ways in which Organic Farms is going above and beyond established food safety guidelines.

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